SH 224 en SHO

SH2 224  dans la constelllation du Cocher


Télescope Astrosib 506mm 20" à F/2.8

Monture Astrosib FM 700  (encodeurs absolus) 

Caméra  Moravian G4 16003      poses de 5mn à -30°C

The Skyx pro+ Pixinsight +Photoshop

Filtres Ha=8nm  +OIII=8nm +SII=8nm

 Prise de vue:Ha=17h45mn + OIII=4h30mn + SII=3h30mn Total =25h45mn

 Date de prise de vue: Février 2019

Lieu:Fregenal de la Sierra (Espagne) télescope en remote:

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This object has a very strange shape that shows up well with a long exposure as it is very faint. The hydrogen-alpha filter seems to work best because of the high contrast the filter offers. This is a small object so any size telescope will work well but the larger aperture will show the fine detailed structure the object has