LDN 673 data

LDN 673 data

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À une distance d’environ 600 années-lumière de nous, LDN 673 est une belle nébuleuse sombre recouvrant presque tout le ciel de la constellation de l’Aquila. La nébuleuse se superpose aux épais nuages ​​moléculaires de la Voie Lactée. La poussière dans ces nuages ​​moléculaires disperse la lumière bleue de ces étoiles, donnant aux étoiles environnantes un biais nettement jaune-rouge.

Lynds’ Dark Nebula 673 (or LDN 673) is a very dense and highly fractured dark cloud complex in the Aquila Rift (near to its center). It is located some 400 – 500 light-years from Earth. The Aquila Rift forms a huge mass of dark molecular clouds and consists of numerous small and large nebulae.Many of them have been identified and catalogued in 1962 by B.T. Lynds in his "Catalogue of dark nebulae". Situated against the Milky Way’s faint starlight, LDN 673 contains raw material to form a huge number of new stars. Visible indications of energetic outflows associated with young stars are the small redish nebulosity RNO 109 and Herbig-Haro object HH 32